Festival مهرجـــــــــــان de Résistances المقـاومة et d'Alternatives والبدائل

The second edition

The second edition was held between 15 and 20 February 2013 in different venues of Rabat, such as the Labour Democratic Confederation (Confédération Démocratique du Travail, CDT), the Democratic Path (Voie Démocratique), the Women›s Action Union (Union de l’Action Féminine), the Association for the Education of Youth (Association pour l’Éducation de la Jeunesse), ATTAC-Morocco, the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH) and public spaces.

Within the same spirit as the first edition, the second one was characterized by the support and cooperation of a large number of active citizens, artists, activists, social groups and movements such as the Students Union for the Change of the Education System (Union des Étudiants pour le Changement du Système Éducatif, UECSE), Guerilla Cinema, Vegetarians in Morocco (Végétariens au Maroc) as well as others. What these people have in common is their wish to open the debate on the freedom of the individual and the meaning it has on the collective.

La 2ème éditionPlay organized by the UECSE on the education system. Seat Union of Women’s Action (UAF).

La 2ème éditionOccupy lbayt Labyad. Flash mob organized at the center of Rabat. « Rage against the makhzen «