Festival مهرجـــــــــــان de Résistances المقـاومة et d'Alternatives والبدائل

The first edition

The first edition of the festival was organized in Rabat from 17 to 20 February, precisely one year after the onset of a new social movement in Morocco on the 20th of February 2011. The activities took place in different locations such as the headquarters of the Moroccan Labor Union (Union Marocaine de Travail, UMT) and the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (Association Marocaine des Droits Humains, AMDH), high schools, universities and public spaces.

Over a span of four days, the FRA established an atmosphere of sharing through different activities, which included theater and music workshops, fora, conferences, public debates, screenings of films and a photography exhibition.

La 1ère édition Agora on « Political Resistance » .Place in public space at the center of Rabat (Lbayt Labyad).

La 1ère éditionCollective exhibitions / Protest in pictures. Headquarters UMT.